CirculAbility project

Innovative educational resources

The CirculAbility project aims to create innovative pedagogical resources that can be used by the staff - managers and supervisors - of PSH work structures.

These innovative pedagogical resources are built thanks to the complementary expertise of the project partners, and the involvement of PSH work structures from different countries of the partnership (France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc.). This co-construction ensures the creation of a replicable and transferable scheme throughout the European Union.

Accessible online

Accessible online, these productions can be used anywhere in Europe. In order to guarantee the widest possible dissemination of our productions and thus multiply the impact of the CirculAbility project in the European Union.

To promote the professional inclusion of people with disabilities

The CirculAbility project promotes the sustainable socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities in ecologically sustainable economic activities.

These resources will allow the development of circular valorization activities of unsold food by PSH working structures in all European Union countries.

Also, this project will also help to raise political and citizen awareness about these central European issues and will contribute to the establishment of a legal and regulatory framework that promotes the development of these inclusive and sustainable activities.

A gallery of inspiring role models, allowing to give visibility and value the opportunities for inclusion of PSH and to demystify the circular economy by highlighting structures that have developed activities for the valorization of unsold food.
Training in the economic management of unsold food circular valorization activities for the managers of PSH work structures, allowing them to acquire the key skills necessary to initiate a circular valorization activity of unsold food.
Technical training in the operational implementation of activities of circular valorization of unsold food for PSH supervisors, allowing them to acquire the skills necessary to ensure the operation of such an activity.
A White Paper to raise awareness, awaken interest and promote knowledge of the issues addressed by this project by PSH working structures, traditional companies, political decision-makers at different scales and civil society, but also to establish policy recommendations.